New PDF release: A49: An Asian Spirit in Contemporary Design (Architects)

By The A49 Group

ISBN-10: 1864703229

ISBN-13: 9781864703221

Accomplished monograph at the paintings of Architects forty nine in Thailand, Asia and past.

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The generic attributes of architecture framed by the plinth. The gesture of the plinth implies a city made by self-limited, and thus countering, forms rather than by ubiquitous flows. 39 plinth presents these attributes not as ubiquitous, but as sensual and finite objects. And while Mies’s buildings assume the generic attributes of production, his insistence on framing and limiting proposes these attributes not as norms, but as architectural states of exception that force the generic to conform to the finite form of location.

In this sense, the notion of agonism—the counterpositioning of parts—functions as a critical mirroring of oneself via the other, to the extent that it is possible to say that to make a collective claim of political autonomy one must first declare one’s counterpart. ”48 In contemporary common opinion, the word enemy evokes a bloody and noncivic way of being. From an economic point of view, agonism as such is useless and damaging, so it must be made into competition, or even war, to make it profitable.

The space in between can only materialize as a space of confrontation between parts. Its existence can only be decided by the parts that form its edges. 46 This decision does not exist “as found” in between the parts, but arises from the position taken by the parts that form this space. The word decision derives from the Latin caedere: to cut, to cut D e fi n i n g t h e P o l iti c a l a n d t h e F o r m a l i n A r c h it e c t u r e 27 the links. To decide one’s own counterpart means to consciously struggle for autonomy, but in a way in which, through this gesture of cutting, one also realizes an inner belonging to what one is detaching from.

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